Boonah and Kalbar Medical Centres

Boonah and Kalbar Medical Centres

5 to 11 year olds Pfizer Covid19 Vaccination

We will commence immunizing 5 to 11 year old children on Tuesday 18th January. Parents wishing to book their children for immunization should first become familiar with the information sheet linked below.

Please indicate at the time of booking that you have read the information provided and that you consent to proceeding with vaccination.

Pfizer 5-11 year old vaccine information and consent

The recommended interval between doses is 8 weeks but this can be shortened under certain circumstances. The minimum interval is 3 weeks. The pros and cons of shorter versus longer dosing intervals is discussed in the ATAGI advice referenced below. Please read this link if you whish your child to have the second dose prior to 8 weeks from the first dose.

ATAGI Advice regarding Vaccination of 5 to 11 year olds

We are being supplied vaccine at the rate of 100 doses per week so places will be very limited. Parents are encouraged to look at other vaccination options eg state government run vaccination centres

Covid Vaccination Clinic Finder

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